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Type 200 (Work Platform)

 Mobile platform ladders

Mobile platform ladders have been manufactured, base have been produced from special profiles, and equipped with wheels, platform surface is made of embossed aluminum

Durable and reliable with a large platform surface 600 x 585mm with a non-slip surface. 

Our work platforms provide safe and efficient elevated access for maintenance and production.  You can choose from mobile or stationary access platforms depending on your application.

Our rolling work stands move on a set of casters that lock into place when weight is added to the platform. 

We have a select ion of adjustable height stands for those applications that require your team to reach a range of heights. 

We offer all platform ladder designs in steel, stainless steel or aluminum options.  If you cannot find the work platform you need, call to speak with us about custom options. 

All standard products meet or exceed safety standards.

Handrail extends 90 cm. above platform height on applicable models

Set up all-welded and ready to use

55 degree climb angle for easy ascent/descent

4 pivot castor wheels

Large platform surface



·          Beam Dimensions 85x25 mm.

·          Standard Step width: 80 mm. or 125 mm.

·          Standard Platform Dimension: 60x60 cm.

·          Maximum Load Capacity: 175 Kg.

·          Equipment: Aluminum special Profile.

Type 200 (Work Platform)
Type 200 (Work Platform)
Type 200 (Work Platform)
Type 200 (Work Platform)
Type 200 (Work Platform)
Type 200 (Work Platform)